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Martina Carlessi

PhD Students

  • BIO

I studied at the University of Milan, where I got a master’s degree in Plant and Food Biotechnology. In 2017 I won a PhD fellowship and I started the International PhD programme in Agrobioscience of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna.

  • Cominelli E., Confalonieri M., Carlessi M., Cortinovis G., Daminati MG., Porch TG., Losa A., Sparvoli F. Phytic acid transport in Phaseolus vulgaris: A new low phytic acid mutant in the PvMRP1 gene and study of the PvMRPs promoters in two different plant systems. Plant Sci; 2018

My research is focused on the reduction of the iodine volatilization processes mediated by HOL (HARMLESS TO OZONE LAYER) genes in order to increase the iodine content in the Oryza sativa species. In the last three years, I developed an interest in research aimed to increase the nutraceutical properties of crops. I am especially attracted by the improvement of nutraceutical value of staple food crops for increasing productivity and sustainability.