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Luca Brunello

PhD Students

  • BIO

I got my bachelor and master’s degree at the University of Padova in Biotechnology and Industrial Biotechnology respectively (2013-2018). I’ve spent one more year in the laboratory of prof. Lo Schiavo where I got a minor postgraduate fellowship. At the end of 2019 I arrived in Pisa where I entered the PhD programme in Agrobiosciences of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna.

  • Ventura I. et al, Arabidopsis phenotyping reveals the importance of ALCOHOL DEHYDROGENASE and PYRUVATE DECARBOXYLASE for aerobic plant growth. Scientific Report (2020) (under revision)

I’m currently studying the possibility of a transgenerational stress memory using Arabidopsis thaliana as model organism. With a simple system to induce a hypoxic stress repeated over multiple consecutive generation, I’m aiming to understand if environmental stimuli can induce adaptive responses in plants and whether such effects can persist through generations.

My other interests include the role of regulating molecules, as strigolactones, in response to a low-oxygen condition in order to unveil part of the mechanisms concerning this recent phytohormone class.