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Giacomo Novi

Faculty and Affiliate Scientists

  • BIO
  • Born in Pisa 17/02/1968
  • Degree in Biology (2001 Pisa University)
  • PhD in biomolecular technology (2002-2005 Pisa University)
  • Post doc position (2006-2013 Plant Lab S. Anna School of advanced studies Pisa and Department of crop plant biology University of Pisa)
  • Lab technician (2013-present Plant Lab S. Anna School of advanced studies Pisa)
  • P.Perata et al “Arabidopsis phenotyping reveals the importance of ALCOHOL DEHYDROGENASE and PYRUVATE DECARBOXYLASE for aerobic plant growth” Scientific Reports (in press)
  • E. Loreti et al. “ARGONAUTE1 and ARGONAUTE4 Regulate Gene Expression and Hypoxia Tolerance” Plant Physiology (January 2020) Vol. 182, pp. 287–300
  • A. Tagliani et al “The calcineurin β-like interacting protein kinase CIPK25 regulates potassium homeostasis under low oxygen in Arabidopsis” Journal of Experimental Botany (2020) Vol. 71, No. 9 pp. 2678–2689

Sugar sensing and metabolism in Arabidopsis Thaliana occurring in hypoxic condition.