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Antonietta Santaniello

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I got my degree in Agricultural Science and Technology on 19/12/2003 at University of Pisa.
I started the PhD in Agriculture, Food and Environment at Scuola Superiore Sant’ Anna Pisa (2006- 2009), about the study of the “role of sucrose synthase in sucrose metabolism in Arabidopsis under low oxygen condition”.
I won post-doctoral fellowships, at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna:
    • 2009–2011 about the “study of carbohydrates metabolism in Arabidopsis under low oxygen conditions”.
    • 2011–2012, working on the “study and characterization of secondary metabolites produced by microorganisms”, mainly in fungi (Trichoderma sp.), and the effects they induce on treated plants. 
    • 2012–2014, funded by Tuscany Region, for the project titled “study of physiopathological processes in human trough plants microRNA”.
    • 2014-2017, working on the “Physiological-molecular analysis of the action of biostimulants on plants”, in collaboration with Valagro S.p.A company.
Since the end of 2017, I work in Valagro as Plant Science Specialist, carrying out my research activity at JointLab-Valagro/PlantLab (inside the PlantLab building).

My research activity focuses on the study of the mechanism of action of biostimulants, a specific category of natural fertilizers, with the use of molecular biology technologies. Moreover, I support Valagro's research in the scouting of new raw materials for the creation of new commercial products.