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Applications to carry out practical research activities in the frame of a  Bachelor and Master thesis at the PlantLab are accepted throughout thw whole year.

Typically, the time expected from the students to dedicate to their project is between six-months and one year, to allow for true mastering of the techniques required for the project and gathering a sufficient amount of results to address the scientific question that leads the research.

Due to the high percentage of foreign staff at the PlantLab, the common language used is English.

Currently, the following topics are available for Bachelor and Master theses:

1. Identification of molecular mechanisms of ROS signalling in plants (Dr. c [dot] pucciarielloatsssup [dot] it (Chiara Pucciariello))

2. Developmental plasticity in response to adverse environmental conditions (Dr. f [dot] licausiatsssup [dot] it (Francesco Licausi))

Students who are interested in applying can contact the project leader by e-mail.