Putri Prasetyaningrum

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Putri Prasetyaningrum is a PhD student in the International PhD Programme in Agrobiodiversity at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna.


e-mail: p [dot] prasetyaningrumatsssup [dot] it


Research interest

Sugar and hormonal crosstalk in the control of plant growth

Plant growth shows rhythmic behavior during day/night cycles and is highly dependent on environmental conditions. Gibberellin (GA) plays a key role in growth control. However, a lot remains unclear regarding how GAs interplay with light, sugar availability and the circadian clock, which are major inputs for plant growth. In order to have better understanding of plant growth in relation to clock, light, and resource availability, I am working on elucidating the dynamics of Gibberellin (GA) biosynthesis and create a mechanistic understanding of growth control via GAs. I identified a temporal separation of GA biosynthesis for specific members of the GA biosynthetic pathway. From this point, I investigate the regulation of transcriptional mechanism of these genes and how they affect growth. Our results so far point to three prime candidate genes that are responsible for integrating clock, light, and resource availability with GA biosynthesis, and simultaneously contribute to rhythmicity. The identification of GA biosynthesis rhythmicity suggests GA plays and important role in plant adaptation to environmental changes.