Plant Anaerobiosis

Read here a review article on plant anaerobiosis

The New Phytologist published the 2011 Special Issue on Plant Anaerobiosis, edited by Pierdomenico Perata, William Armstrong and Laurentius A. C. J. Voesenek. You can read the Commentary here.

image descriptionPlant life is greatly impaired under conditions of oxygen deficit. Only few plants can grow in waterlogged soils, thanks to anatomical adaptation allowing the transport of oxygen to the submerged parts of the plant. The behaviour of a few plant species able to germinate under completely anoxic conditions can be explained only by assuming that a biochemical adaptation is present in these species but absent in all the other species. Research on this subject has produced experimental evidence about the key role of carbohydrate mobilisation during anaerobic germination of rice grains, about the role of ethanol in anoxia-induced injuries, and more recently, about the genome-wide transcript profililing in anoxic Arabidopsis and rice seedlings.

Rice germination under anoxiaA recent review on rice germination under anoxia has been published and can be downloaded here.

A review on the role of Sub1A in rice tolerance to submergence can be downloaded here.

The PlantLab organized the 2010 Conference of the Society for Plant Anaerobiosis.