PhD Agrobiodiversity

Call for applications 2018

The Programme is structured into two curricula:
  • Curriculum A - Plant genetic resources
  • Curriculum B - Functional biodiversity in agroecosystems

Only PhD candidates enrolled in Curriculum B can work in the Plantlab

Candidates are requested to apply online by 1st June, 2018, 12 p.m. Italian Time. In case of problems with the online application, please contact the PhD Administration Office (tel. +39 050 883345, e-mail: info-phdlifesciencesatsssup [dot] it).

The list of selected candidates will bepublished no later than June 15, 2018.

The Ph.D. courses will begin on October 1, 2018.

To find out how to participate in the competition for admission to the Ph.D. Courses you can download the following document.

Applying is simple: just follow this link.

If you are not an Italian resident and wish to take part in the competitive exam, you must already have, or achieve by October 31, a MSc's degree that has been declared as being equivalent by the Italian authorities or recognized as being equivalent in terms of duration and content to the Italian degree. 

It is highly recommended that the project proposal pertains to one of the research lines already active in our lab and especially:

  • molecular mechanisms regulating crop responses and adaptation to submergence
  • adaptation of plant development to environmental cues
  • evolution of stress signal transduction in plants
  • synthetic engineering of molecular light responses in plants

 Candidates are welcome to contact c [dot] pucciarielloatsantannapisa [dot] it (Prof. Pucciariello) or f [dot] licausiatsssup [dot] it (Prof. Licausi) for discussion of possible topics of Project proposals.